Mid Am. Agri Products/Horizon, LLC v. Dist. Court

Plaintiffs filed an action against Defendants relating to "forward corn contracts." Counsel for Defendants conveyed confidential information to a grain industry expert in attempting to retain him. Plaintiff's counsel later retained that same expert. Defendant subsequently filed a motion to disqualify the expert from testifying and moved to disqualify Plaintiffs' counsel. The district court disqualified the expert but did disqualify Plaintiffs' counsel, finding that Defendants failed to advance any evidence that Defendants' trial strategy, work product, or mental impressions had been communicated by the expert to Plaintiffs' counsel. Thereafter, Defendants applied for leave to file an original action for a writ of mandamus requiring the district court to disqualify Plaintiffs' counsel. The Supreme Court denied the writ, holding that Plaintiffs rebutted the presumption that the expert shared confidences gained from Defendants' counsel with Plaintiffs' counsel, and therefore, disqualification of Plaintiffs' counsel was not required. View "Mid Am. Agri Products/Horizon, LLC v. Dist. Court" on Justia Law